Migrant Sound Studio


The Studio

A migrant way to capture sound

  • Avid Pro Tools 12 / Schoeps / RME

    The recording stage is, beyond any doubt, the most important of all. As one of my master used to tell us: if you put a microphone on shit, you can only amplify shit! That being said, we take a great deal of care in planning and setting up a recording session. And the very nature of the studio is to think outside of the box. No limits on what could be the location for a recording. Wether indoor or outdoor, in a sound treated studio, a theater or in the middle of the forest, we’ll deploy our best gear for the occasion.

  • Field Recording / Sound FX Creation / Libraries

    If our core philosophy is to go out in the world and capture sound, this applies of course and especially for ambience sound and sound fx recording. Depending on the job, we make sure we achieve the perfect sound ambient: wether it is by recording ambient sounds outside with multitrack field recorders, or in any location, by using mono or stereo, hyper-cardioid or omnidirectional microphones. And for the sound fx, we either record them on site, or during foley studio sessions.

  • State of the art hardware and software

    Let’s admit it: we all get our fluids flowing when it comes to getting in a studio with a big ass analog desk and walls covered with any kind of outboard gear. We can’t deny it. But at LeHome Studio we think that more than the looks, what’s important is the sound. And knowing how to treat the sound the best way, we decided to lighten up our gear, to ease our workflow to adapt to different situations. Of course the analog stage is very important, but working digital is the best choice for us. We offer our expertise in the mixing and mastering of your music or video, and we’re willing to meet your requests in the process.

  • Great Classical Experience

    Every new job is a challenge, and we’re always happy and ready to take it, it goes without saying. But, of course, when it comes to classical music recording, we feel that our experience can make the difference. From the planning of the session, to the choice of the location, of the microphones, every aspect can be discussed together and planned accordingly. During the sessions, we can follow scores and take care of the recording with a sensibility that’s not always granted. Plus, a wide selection of legendary microphones used in classical music - from Schoeps, to DPA, to Neumann - is at your disposal.