Migrant Sound Studio



Non bisogna conoscere qualcuno, Per diventare qualcuno, Dai vita al tuo sogno

Golee: an innovative social platform to connect all football professionals.

In october 2015 we were contacted by the great multimedia artisan company Panebarco & co. who was commissioned a series of 3 animated videoclips to be released on the Golee website and social network pages. The main character being this little animated football that's having a hard time living in a football field, full of people and things that he don't quite understands. We were asked to take care of the sound design of the three clips. Our vision for this project - which became quite fast our challenge - was to create a mix of realistic sounds (to give power and depth to the scenes) and funny, out-of-the-world, cartoonish sound effects. The hits, the footsteps, the thunders, the ambience sounds put you in a world where you can belong. The cartoon hits, and whistles and crashes, interact with the other sounds to keep the videos in this surrealistic, kind of weird mood. The balance between the two is the key to make the experience catchy and entertaining.